Bekeane Healthy and Fit Active Wear

Behind the brand Bekeane Healthy and Fit active wear!

Struggling with her health and how she felt about the shape of her body, Brenda decided it was time to get healthy.

Through this journey she met women who, like her, wanted to get out and move, walk and exercise, but couldn’t find any suitable activewear options to fit their bodies properly and none that were of a good quality.

As a Personal Trainer, and training curvy women, she again noticed their activewear, rode up, down or both as they were not made for ample bosoms and yummy tummies. “She had a dream” to create a range of activewear for CURVY women.  It took quite a lot of research and the help of other curvy women testing her activewear she came up with fun designs, with something to suit everyBODY shape and size.

The dream came to life. It took 6 years for her to get brave enough to try to create the brand but it is proving so worth it!  I knew there was a hole in the market for plus size activewear actually made true to size – I just did not realise how badly they were missing out.  Brenda’s leggings are also magical as they can turn into lounge or drinking pants in just a blink!
Not all leggings need to be worn as activewear. (PS she is in the middle)