Mónica The Label

Mónica The Label began with Monica Sotomayor’s vision of offering the modern, voluptuous woman an answer to her wardrobe woes. Striving to be the answer to the bigger than average girl’s clothing issues, Mónica The Label provides well made, trendy fashion pieces that are also classy, original and versatile.

Most popular retail brands do not allocate for sizes beyond 12-14, meaning there is an underwhelming lack of ‘plus sized’ fashion currently available and most luxury designer brands do not even allocate for size beyond 10, as they simply do not want larger women wearing their label. As a result, Mónica The Label has been born! Monica’s hopes are to increase the confidence of curvy women through the creation of beautiful garments that do not require extreme dieting to fit into. Women deserve to look and feel well dressed and striking at any size.

Mónica The Label is worn by the woman who unapologetically has extra curves and is confident in her own skin, she does not feel the need to conform to society’s beauty standards. She can flaunt her sexiness and enjoy dessert whenever she wants.